Imla Ganesh is one of the most important temples in Sankhu. This temple is widely known for its ritual significance. This temple also hosts a shrine of the goddess Kumari, one among eight mother goddesses (asta matrika) of the town. The temple is situated in Imla quarter, which is at the centre of the town and adjacent to the ancient royal palace (layaku) where a Village Development Committee building of Pukhulachi has been built.

People remember it as a two storeyed pagoda-styled temple before it collapsed during the massive earthquake in 1934. Although, it was somewhat renovated in the aftermath of the 1934 earthquake, its original shape was lost and at present it stands as a single storied temple. Time to time, local people carried out its maintenance but, a lack of resources has meant that they have not yet been able to bring it back to its original structure.

As for now, it remains in a neglected condition and a dilapidated state with little maintenance.

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