The FOS is interested in restoring the Imla Ganesh temple to its orginal glory. By restoring this temple, the FOS hopes to set an example for the future generations of Nepal to continue with such altruistic work. In this process, the FoS carried out a survey whereby the elderly people of the locality who accurately remember the original structure of the temple were consulted. The FOS has developed an architectural design of the temple based on the memory of those people a few years ago. It has also made a cost estimation to search for funding to restore the temple at the earliest possible date. However, the restoration project could not move forward as sufficient funding could not be found.

The Vereniging Nederland Nepal (VNN), which on several occasions has financially supported the restoration of monuments in Sankhu, has once again extended its helping hands by deciding to provide £ 5000. This amount has greatly encouraged the undertaking but is still far below the estimated cost of NRs 22, 64, 202. Guthi Australia (GA) has great interest in contributing to the conservation of heritage in Nepal and therefore, has a target to raise AUD $ 20,000 towards meeting the costs of the project. Besides manual and volunteer support from the local people, the FOS is also expecting some financial contribution from the Pukhulachi VDC.

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