This is Guthi Australia’s key working area connecting it to its vision of raising awareness regarding Newa cultural heritage. Guthi Australia has already undertaken Mha Puja 2009 and the 1st Guthi Australia Art Competition 2009 to spread awareness regarding the rich Newa cultural heritage. Similar programs will follow suit in 2010 with plans for a Jhwo Bhwe program, Mha Puja 2010, 2nd Guthi Australia Art Competition 2010, Rites of Passage Service and the GA Pathsala (in collaboration with Gurkha Nepalese Community). In 2011, we are working towards undertaking small-scale restoration in Kathmandu in collaboration with various authorities in Nepal such as UNESCO Kathmandu, Department of Archaeology, local municipalities, NGO’s and the community. Efforts to collect approximately $20,000 for this by 2011 are underway.