Guthi Australia is a community-based, non-profit and volunteer driven organisation which aims to raise awareness regarding Newar cultural heritage and to contribute towards Newar cultural preservation in Australia, Nepal and other countries.


The objectives of Guthi Australia are tied to its vision and are to :Undertake primary and secondary research on Newar cultural heritage, Preserve and promote Newar culture and traditions, language, rites and rituals, music, art and dance.

Key Working Areas

Guthi Australia envisions itself to be a centre for information of Newar cultural heritage. For this, Guthi Australia is in the process of sourcing well researched articles on various themes.

Target Group

Our target group includes not only Newars residing in Australia but also the non-Newar Nepalese community and the wider Australian community. Guthi Australia attempts to ensure smoother integration of Newars into Australian society…

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